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Princenhage is a suburb of Breda, formerly it was a village between Rijsbergen and Breda. It still has a village centre with churches and a Town Hall dating from the time of Vincent van Gogh. Vincent often walked from Zundert to Princenhage. His Uncle Vincent fed his passion to paint here. This uncle had a gallery in his house “Villa Mertersheim”, (later he had a gallery in The Hague and in Paris; Goupil). This villa still stands at the corner of the Haagweg and the Esserstraat. In his letter of 30-12-1876 Vincent tells that he has been in the “Roman Catholic Church” (Martinus Church). “It was a lovely sight all those farmers with their wives dressed in their black clothes and white bonnets, and the church looked so peaceful in the evening light”. In the letter of 30-12-1877 he writes: ”Dad has to preach in Princenhage because the Reverend Kuylman (Johannes Church) has fallen and hurt himself because his arm was dislocated, so he can’t do the New Year’s Evening service, and Dad offered to do it.”…
The grandfather of Vincent was also a Reverend. This Vincent van Gogh was Resident Minister of the Main Church in Breda and he was lecturer of the Military Academy.
The graves of Uncle Vincent and Aunt Cornelie and those of the grandparents of Vincent lie in the graveyard “Het Haagveld” along the Haagweg in Princenhage.

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