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Rijsbergen has a vibrant and green centre with various places of interest. The cultural historic centre “de Weeghreyse” is located in the former town hall. It is a regional museum with historical artefacts and documents. Also the museum “De Karkooi” is worthwhile, former times revive in historical tools and utensils. One of the most well known events of Rijsbergen is the “Farmers Day” which is on the first Sunday of August every year.
Several cycle and walking tours are highlighted in the beautiful green surroundings. The “Kapelletjes route” and the trips along the war memorial on the “Vloeiweide” are very special.

Aankomende Evenementen

  1. (Nederlands) Tentoonstelling Ruud van Empel ” Inventing Van Gogh”

    17 November — 10:00 t/m 5 December — 17:00
  2. (Nederlands) Expositie Ema Vanekova

    5 December — 12:00
  3. (Nederlands) Rainer Fetting ziet Van Gogh

    18 December, 2021 — 10:00 t/m 1 May, 2022 — 17:00
  4. (Nederlands) Fotowedstrijd Corso 2021

    19 December — 10:00 t/m 17:00
  5. (Nederlands) Winterwonderland 2021

    19 December — 10:00 t/m 17:00
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