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Achtmaal is a small countryside village near the Belgium border. Formerly the place was a real smugglers haunt. The statue “The Smuggler” along the Neyssenpad, refers to the former “lucrative” activities of some inhabitants along the border.
This pleasant village is a favourite starting point for a trip on a covered wagon through the beautiful surrounding scenic areas, the Pannehoef, the Oude Buisse Heide and the Moeren.
On the Buisse Heide the female poet Henriëtte Roland Holst had her country home. “Henriëtte’s walking trail” (the red trail), leads you along the favourite spots of the poet and you can read some of her poems on special marks. This is only one of the many trails through this beautiful nature area.
During these walk abouts you can have a rest at ‘t Pannehûske, a historic café in the middle of nature, or “In den Anker”, popularly described as the oldest café in the Netherlands.
For various routes and information you can go to the Tourist Office in Zundert or the National Trust.

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