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The Borough of Zundert consists of the villages Rijsbergen, Achtmaal, Klein Zundert, Wernhout and between Rijsbergen and Breda, Princenhage.

The Borough of Zundert

The Borough of Zundert consists of the villages Achtmaal, Rijsbergen, Wernhout, Zundert and Klein Zundert. Zundert lies clos...
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Zundert celebrated its 850th anniversary recently, therefore it is a borough with a long history. Zundert is famous because i...
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Other information

Some special locations in the area you shouldn’t miss are: Country Estate the Moeren from 1545, Country Estate Wallsteijn, ...
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Aankomende Evenementen

  1. (Nederlands) Open Studio Artist-in-residence: Karina Beumer

    3 July — 15:00 t/m 17:00
  2. (Nederlands) Corso 2022

    4 September — 10:00 t/m 5 September — 17:00
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