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‘t Pannehuske

Herberg ‘t Pannehûske has been a concept in the region since 1891, with antiques from the old days, located on the magical port of Achtmaal to Zundert and other exotic parts of the world. It is rumoured that once you have stepped into ‘t Pannehûske your eyes, ears and taste will be surprised by an overwhelming journey back in time…a time long ago that we only know from the fairytales of our grandmothers and grandfathers tall tales…

‘t Pannehûske in Achtmaal is located in the woods of Wallsteijn Estate, where you can still eat at your leisure, get a well filled plate for a reasonable price and where people whose hospitality and friendliness are paramount.
Let us cherish it!

‘T Pannehuske
Roosendaalsebaan 4
4885 JK Achtmaal
T: 076-5985248
E: info@pannehuske.nl
W : www.pannehuske.nl