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(Nederlands) Restaurant De Moerse Bossen

Take a look in Fernando’s kitchen.

There are so many tasty things to eat in the Netherlands. Fernando will surprise you with good and honest products (sourced from the Netherlands). His cooking style is based on classic French cuisine. Of course he will give a real Fernando twist. The result? Delicious dishes prepared with passion. The recognition and the taste of the products are the starting point. He likes to show and let you taste ‘the real product’ in his restaurant. At restaurant Fernando they work with only the best suppliers. Suppliers who meet their stringent quality standards.

The kitchen motto is: Quality is paramount!

Patron Cuisinier, Fernando van Dommelen may convince you to visit his kitchen soon and welcome you in his restaurant!

Restaurant Fernando
Rucphenseweg 30
4882 KC Zundert
T: 076-5977979
E: restaurantfernando@icloud.com
W: www.restaurantfernando.nl

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