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The Borough of Zundert has many types of accommodation on offer. Whether it is in a hotel near the native soil of Vincent Van Gogh, in a cottage on the heath, staying with a farmer or a Bed & Breakfast in the village, you can choose what suits you best.

Diners have a number of establishments to choose from and can enjoy a wonderful evening out. You can enjoy drinks and a delicious meal in each village.

Zundert also has several regional products. Zundert Trappist brewery is the best known but also our strawberries, apple juice, honey and homemade ice cream are not to be missed. We hope to see you at one of our tasty locations!


Near the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh you will find several hotel accommodations. Some hotels offering Van Gogh packages in...
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Several restaurants offer delicious dishes. From tasty old-fashioned pancakes to a culinary feast. Whether it’s dining at a...
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There is something for everyone, from a cosy café in the forest to a trendy brasserie. Zundert has it all. Sample a pub’s ...
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Whether it’s camping on a farm or in a large family camp, it's all in Zundert. ACHTMAAL Camping de Ossewei Nieuwmoerse...
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ACHTMAAL   B&B Annahoeve Achtmaalseweg 158b 4885 AS Ach...
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Holiday Houses

ACHTMAAL Atelier Richard Roland Holst Roosendaalsebaan 15 4885 KC Achtmaal T: 076-5978590 E: vvv@vangoghhuis.com W:...
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Regional products

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