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knooppuntenwandelingZundert_450knooppuntenwandelingZundertWalking or hiking in the Borough of Zundert is really enjoyable, from every village centre you are in the countryside within minutes. You can’t get lost with a hiking map handy, but even without one it’s easy enough to explore the surroundings. In his youth Vincent van Gogh roamed for hours around the ‘Oude Buisse Heide’. The poet Henriëtte Roland Holst liked to stay here and wrote a great deal of her poems and books. Be inspired by the beautiful countryside and relax during the special walking routes. The ‘Oude Buisse Heide’ and other nearby estates have varied marked routes. The brochures are available at the Tourist Office in Zundert and via The National Trust. For example: The dome route, (blue route 12 km) takes you along several tea or hunting domes on the estate. The Valley of the Turfvaart route (yellow route, 4 km) begins at the Wallsteyn Estate, Roosendaalsebaan (Roosendaalse Road). The Poetry route (red route, 5 km) takes you along the poetess Henriëtte Roland Holst’s favourite spots. During this walk you can read eight of her poems, put on signs along the path. Gooren and Krochten Walk, jump over the ditch and you are in Belgium, jump back and you are back in the Netherlands. The ‘ditch’ is the Goorloop on the East rim of the Borough of Zundert. This water runs through a diverse nature area and shows no border markings with our Southern neighbours. This beautiful nature area is best seen if you take the whole route Goorloop and Krochten which is 11 km. There are also short routes of 3 km set out, which are worth seeing. Tip: take your hiking boots and binoculars!

The National Trust: www.natuurmonumenten.nl