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The Tourist Office in Zundert has a wide variety of cycling routes on offer for the nearby surroundings. There are also cycle maps available. The staff in the shop will show you the different maps and route books. Below is a short description of some of our special routes.

Round Trip Roland Holst. The ‘Oude Buisse Heide’ Estate is irrevocably connected to the famous tenants, the writer and politician Henriëtte Roland Holst (1869-1952) and her husband, sculptor Richard Roland Holst (1868-1938). This cycle route will take you along the special places where they often went and showcase other beautiful scenery in the area.

Round Trip Zundert ± 30 km. This picturesque trip takes you through four of the villages. The region of Vincent’s most loved memories of his youth.

Round Trip Rijsbergen ± 41 km. Not far from Zundert lies Rijsbergen. Nostalgia and nature interchange on this sporty trip.

Round Trip Treeport ± 43 km, short route 26 km. The route takes you along well known tree nurseries in the Borough of Zundert. The routes take you along roads and paths that are not always on the cycling route maps. You will come across some forgotten lanes, sometimes with only a sand path, which makes the cycling route rather ‘adventurous’.
Price theme route: €2.00

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