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Did you know that the Borough of Zundert has a labyrinth, a poultry garden, a bird sanctuary, a botanical garden and several commercial businesses?

Maria Labyrint

A labyrinth is a creation that has been in existence for centuries. There are labyrinths of a thousand years old. In the Mari...
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The Chaams Hen is a dignified hen with a deep wide breast and a single red crest with orange eyes and slate blue feet. It app...
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Bird Sanctuary

The bird sanctuary in Zundert was established in 1980. The reception centre takes in and cares for the wild animals that are ...
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Planten Nursery 'De Levensboom'

PLANT NURSERY THE TREE OF LIFE (LEVENSBOOM) The Tree of Life (De Levensboom) is a nursery that grows special medicinal pl...
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(Nederlands) Het Aardbeienterras

(Nederlands) U bent van harte welkom op ons binnen of buitenterras om te komen genieten van de vers geplukte zomerkoninkjes e...
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