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The Galderse meren

The Galderse Meren (Lakes) is an area of recreation lakes south of the A58 motorway. The water is clean and fresh and in the Summer time attracts lots of sunbathers to the sandy beach and lawn or sunbathing area. There is a separate surfing lake and on the north side is a nudist beach. There is also a diving site for divers. In the autumn and winter months it is an ideal place to walk the dog, but no dogs are allowed in the summer. Entrance to the Galderse Meren is free.

Galderse Meren, Rijsbergsebaan, Galder/Breda – Noord Brabant

Diving Site
The diving site has very little flora and fauna at the moment, therefore a good place to practise. Please note that this site is also used for windsurfing. It is therefore advisable to dive, or night dive when there is very little wind. This section has a depth of approx. 30 meters. The platform is situated in the furthest “bowl” just before the nudist beach. The platform is about 10-15 meters from the edge. A (wash) line runs from the platform to the car that is outside the bowl and lies at approx. 10 meters deep. The car also has a buoy (due to the many surfers) that runs one meter under the water, making it above water difficult to find. You would be advised to park your car right at the back of the parking lot. From the parking lot it is a 100 meter walk, along a footpath to the water’s edge.