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Have you ever paid a visit to one of our museums in the Borough of Zundert? Read here, more about the Vincent van GoghHouse, Cultural Historical Centre de Weeghreyse, the Military Historical Museum and Two Wheels the Scooter.

Museum the Karkooi

The Karkooi is “home” to the Farmers Day Rijsbergen. The Karkooi is situated in the Tiggeltsebergstraat in Rijsbergen on ...
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Vincent van GoghHuis

The Vincent van GoghHouse is built on the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh. Not a regular museum but a building full of memorie...
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The Weeghreyse

The Cultural Historical Centre The Weeghreyse is situated in what used to be the Town Hall in Rijsbergen. Through objects, su...
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Two wheeler museum de Scooter

A fun trip for everyone who is interested in scooters. The museum collection consists of scooters made from1947 up to the pre...
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Militair Historical Museum

The military historical museum has a collection of objects from soldiers of the infantry division “The Timber Wolves”, th...
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