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Bird Sanctuary

Is there anything nicer than looking at animals? In our educational nature garden in the bird sanctuary there are often birds of prey waiting to be released back into the wild. A super trip for children, where else would you come close to an Eagle Owl or a White Tailed Eagle! The bird sanctuary was established in 1980 and is a reception centre and takes care of wild animals that are living in around the countryside of the Netherlands. As you would expect from the name, birds are our main aim, although we take in other animals (deer, hedgehog, fox, and even reptiles). As well as taking care of the animals the sanctuary also has an educational task. There is a wide variety of courses: Identify birds, mushrooms or butterflies. A course on team building is also possible. The centre has its own shop ‘De Akster” which sells all the very best literature on nature. Our speciality is binoculars.

Luitertweg 36 a
4882 TD Klein-Zundert
T: 076-5974165
E: info@vrczundert.nl
W: http://vrczundert.nl