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Nobody needs to be bored in Zundert. Nature lovers, walkers/hikers, cyclists, culture seekers, beer tasters, wine connoisseurs, lovers of the Burgundian lifestyle…you will be surprised at all the different activities that are available. Enquire at the Tourist Office in Zundert, they will help you find something of interest to suit you.

Interactive route map

Cycling and walking near Zundert There’s great walking and cycling around Zundert. This route map shows the cycling and...
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(Nederlands) In de regio

(Nederlands) Lees de laatste edtie van "Op pad in De Baronie van Breda". De magie van de Naronie voor buitengenieters, fijnpr...
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Trips and Activities

The Borough of Zundert has a lot to offer in the way of art, culture, sport, nature, creativity and places of interest for yo...
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Galleries in the Borough of Zundert ...
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The Tourist Office in Zundert has a wide variety of cycling routes on offer for the nearby surroundings. There are also cycle...
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Walking or hiking in the Borough of Zundert is really enjoyable, from every village centre you are in the countryside within ...
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There is plenty to see and do for the little ones in Zundert. A bird sanctuary, a children's zoo, Bizzy an indoor/outdoor pla...
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To Visit

Did you know that the Borough of Zundert has a labyrinth, a poultry garden, a bird sanctuary, a botanical garden and several ...
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Read more about the swimming pools, equestrian sport, crossbow shooting and other sporting activities here. ...
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