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Museum the Karkooi

The Karkooi is “home” to the Farmers Day Rijsbergen. The Karkooi is situated in the Tiggeltsebergstraat in Rijsbergen on the Farmers Day grounds.
There is plenty to see in the Karkooi about the life of the farmers long ago:
– carts and carriages
– an imitation little old farm
– many interesting objects

Groups who are interested in visiting the Karkooi from 1st April to 31st October inclusive, can do so by appointment. An expert guide will tell you all there is to know and will offer you a cup of coffee/tea or lemonade. It is an ideal resting point for cycling groups. For more information contact us via our website: www.boerendagrijsbergen.nl/karkooi/contact/

The Karkooi is of course open on Farmers Day, which is on the first Saturday in August. Several times during the months of June and September the Farmers Day Foundation hold an Open Day. Then there is an opportunity to view all the authentic agricultural work tools, machines, farmers’ carts and carriages.

An old farm kitchen has been recreated. In the adjoining stable you will find all sorts of objects used on the farm long ago. Every Wednesday, all year round a group of volunteers of the Karkooi maintain all the farm machines and tools.

Tiggeltsebergstraat 3
4891TC Rijsbergen
W: www.boerendagrijsbergen.nl/karkooi