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The Weeghreyse

The Cultural Historical Centre The Weeghreyse is situated in what used to be the Town Hall in Rijsbergen. Through objects, such as photos and published writings, the visitor is shown the history of each of its five villages that come under the Borough of Zundert. There is a permanent exhibition on the “Napoleon Road”. This road, from Paris to Amsterdam was of vital importance to the villages Wernhout, Zundert and Rijsbergen. There are also different exhibitions.

De Weeghreyse
St. Bavostraat 18
4891CJ Rijsbergen
Tel: +31(0)76596202
email: deweeghreyse@bcmail.nl
Website: http://www.deweeghreyse.nl

Opening Hours:
Every Sunday from 14.00 pm to 17.00 pm
The museum has wheelchair access.
Entry is free but a small donation is welcome.