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Animal Golf and Skelter trip

From dairy farm to animal golf. On the outskirts of Zundert in natural surroundings lies Henk and Riet’s farm, where there are lots of things to do.

Animal Golf
A bit like farmer’s golf. A clog is attached to the club. The ball has to be hit with the club through the holes in the animals. The one with the least hits is obviously the winner.

Animal golf is for minimal 15 persons
Price per person €5.00 including a drink

Skelter trip
A 7 km route over the countryside of Klein-Zundert and the bird sanctuary. It’s possible to arrange guided tours and visiting by appointment at the bird sanctuary for this trip.

Book the skelter trip for minimal 24 persons
Price per person €5.00 including a drink

Henk and Riet Pemen
Kerkhofstraat 3
4882 NN Zundert
Tel: 076-597248
E: hpemen@hotmail.com
W: www.pemenrecreatie.nl